Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Welcome Angelica!

Nina has a new friend in the sewing room. Angelica, my beautiful teenager has moved in. And, as with most teenagers, Angelica needs lots of space for all her stuff. Nina has moved from under the large window to a smaller window. Quite settled now I believe. The large sofa bed has been taken apart, pulled and shoved down the stairs, and off with the metal collecting man to Simms or the tip!! Yay!!!


Angelica has the big window for a big girl.


The cutting table is in this corner. Moving the couch has given me much better access to the cutting table and design wall.

Between the cutting table and Angelica I have a little hall table tucked in. Useful when quilting, and is also useful for the computer.


The chairs, in perfect condition come from our local second hand shop for $35 each! ( no cash left after getting a teenager). Looks a bit strange in the pic, the chairs are in front of a three door, mirrored built in cupboard. Hanging space in the cupboard now has shelving installed.

Threads and IKEA wall. Chino and Toti are quite happy with the new arrangements! CD drawers are great for fat quarters too.


A bit of practice! I'll improve!!

Feeling very happy with my lot! In fact I'm delighted!!!!




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