Friday, 1 July 2016

Quilting at last!

Quilting mojo or sewjo have been awol the past few months. Thanks to friends sewjo is making a gradual comeback! Yay! Sheila set me a challenge! I did start, but abandoned the mess! Oh dear practice is required +++

Chris at Serendipitousquilting is also a great inspiration!

A group of friends (all refugees from the cold southern states) stitch once a week. We are all doing paper piecing projects. Great fun over cups of tea and lots of laughter. A glass or two finishes off the day on a high note.

POTC is progressing as blocks get sorted and added to the wall. Green masking tape to number the block position adds a splash of colour.

Dreadful photo! The light is not good now, but you get the idea!



My floor cushion was great fun. A few new skills learned at a weekend workshop at Nesting Needles in Coffs Harbour. I do love Tula Pink!!


Sunrise this morning. A good place to be!

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