Tuesday, 26 May 2015


My blog is seriously suffering neglect! Why oh why? Is it the cold? Maybe sore arthritic hands are also to blame for lack of quilting progress.

I have finished a third ionic gear bag. We are planning a cruise, so I thought another BGB for face paint and bangles and stuff might be a good idea! I pulled out the Kaffe Fassett box of fabric and got busy. Happy with this one!

One more to make and then NO MORE!

Patchwork of the Crosses is also slow! I have had some highlights though!


Our little poodle loves a quilt and lots of colour! Toti loves Kaffe too!

Chino is happy on the floor or a vacant chair.

I'm looking forward to taking delivery of my thermomix! Can't wait! Pinning recipes and tips in advance! Got a bit tired of seeing photos posted by both my daughters and their menus compared! Had to join them.

The other event I'm looking forward to is a weekend workshop with Heather at the Adelaide Sewing Centre. We are quilting a whole cloth quilt on the sweet sixteen. Spent some time today drawing designs!

Always look forward to any comments!

Happy quilting!



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