Sunday, 15 March 2015

My busy teenager

Angelica has been on the go, depriving me of sleep, zooming away day and night and occasionally I must drive her to distraction! The quick unpick has, I'm sure, been blunted after many pebbles had to be unstitched. I'd stitched over a bit of quilt underneath! Grrr don't you HATE that?

But I am happy! A few photos of night and day sewing!

My challenge quilt for Adelaide Sewing Centre is finally completed.


Patchwork of the Crosses has progressed very slowly as I met Angelica's demands!

Happy to see this pic from our daughter on the Gold Coast. Great to see my x+ cushion on the beach. I went through an insane x+ production last year. Cushions for everyone, tablt mats and runner etc. this one looks happy where it is!


Time to get stitching, Nina is waiting!



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