Friday, 30 January 2015


Last year I did complete a number of UFO's. So good to get them done.

I seem to have a heap of QIP's (quilts in progress). Sounds better than UFO's. UFO's I regarded as "old hat, sick of you" projects. QIP's are exciting happening delights!

My QIP's are:


A very large Kaffe quilt. Below is the backing patched.


Colours aren't quite right. Lime, navy greys and some tans.

Some Patchwork of the Crosses (Lucy Boston). Love this portable project. Spend so much time hunting for fabrics. I should photograph my sewing room table, cutting table, ironing board, baskets and floor covered in fabrics! Oh dear.

2015 start and finishes. Tiny scraps discarded by two friends last week. The scraps were rescued from a dreadful fate.......the bin!


10" square

8.5" square!

Angelica liked these.

Let me know what you think!


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

New challenges!

Kaffe Fassett quilt sandwich ready for quilting. What to do? Think maybe some ruler work! I think this may be the biggest quilt I've ever made! 90" x 90". It's gonna be fun. Blocks are 10" x 10".



Left overs added to the back. I could not throw the bits out! They were added to the strawberries!


Angelica is looking forward to being very busy in the near future!


I must add a couple of POTC blocks.Now have 11 blocks. Only another 45 to go!

Have a great and safe Christmas!


Thursday, 4 December 2014

Patchwork of the Crosses

A few more blocks of POTC


I have also completed this quilt. Seems to have taken ages, but have quilted two others that were colaberative group quilts.

Spare blocks are part of the backing.
Angelica is learning how to quilt! We have so much to learn. A few tension problems, but now much improved. She is a great teenager with great skills.
Have a great Xmas.


Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses.

Angelica and Nina have been zooming away at a great pace. Nina has been ditch stitching two quilts while Angelica is into the FMQ on both quilts. I have been on a big steep learning curve.

Today Nina and I ditch stitched a third quilt. Now it's time for Angelica on her third quilt.

But.........I have discovered more joy! Lucy Boston and FB's Fussy Cutters Club.

What's not to love? My little kit sits on the bedside table at night waiting...... Early Morning cup of tea, and I'm happily stitching between sips. Bliss!


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Welcome Angelica!

Nina has a new friend in the sewing room. Angelica, my beautiful teenager has moved in. And, as with most teenagers, Angelica needs lots of space for all her stuff. Nina has moved from under the large window to a smaller window. Quite settled now I believe. The large sofa bed has been taken apart, pulled and shoved down the stairs, and off with the metal collecting man to Simms or the tip!! Yay!!!


Angelica has the big window for a big girl.


The cutting table is in this corner. Moving the couch has given me much better access to the cutting table and design wall.

Between the cutting table and Angelica I have a little hall table tucked in. Useful when quilting, and is also useful for the computer.


The chairs, in perfect condition come from our local second hand shop for $35 each! ( no cash left after getting a teenager). Looks a bit strange in the pic, the chairs are in front of a three door, mirrored built in cupboard. Hanging space in the cupboard now has shelving installed.

Threads and IKEA wall. Chino and Toti are quite happy with the new arrangements! CD drawers are great for fat quarters too.


A bit of practice! I'll improve!!

Feeling very happy with my lot! In fact I'm delighted!!!!



Monday, 29 September 2014


Two days playing with Kaffe!


I now have 60 x 10" blocks. Only 21 to go!! Photo doesn't show the intensity of the colours. Such fun!
Back to work........



Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Stitching Tuesday.

Homework today for our Mallee Tree foundation piecing block. Thanks Carolyn for the template. I may make a few more to incorporate into a quilt!


Another session of sewing this afternoon. Sashing added to this quilt. I'm not usually a sashing person, but this quilt seemed to be calling for it. The blocks are put together 'log cabin' style! I do like the wonky look. The black square is in the centre of each block.


Now a search of the stash is called for. May just find an appropriate backing fabric. Otherwise I'll be back to my LQS Mallee Tree.



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