Wednesday, 24 February 2016


The veg garden needed attention.......already?? Previous crop of salad greens now in the compost bin! Time for a replant.



Varieties of lettuce.

Seedlings were covered with leafy clippings to provide some shade.

Tomatoes planted earlier are amazing! Strong plants with large crops!

Herbs are doing well too. Really happy with this new interest. Plants seem to grow so easily here!

Angelica did a little work yesterday! First time since we moved! She completed an area on my UFO whole cloth quilt. Thinking I'll proceed with some circular marking next! Letting the ideas simmer and develop.

More colour methinks! Lots more quilting too.

This is the view whilst I play with the POTC. Tried to get more organised today! Bought a tray table at Spotlight (half price). Easy to cart downstairs or outside.

All the bits ready to go!

Thought placing a few may give me some idea of the fit! White square templates in place of the darker squares! (All takes time)

Little Chino looks cool and comfortable under the table as always!

Is my mojo back???

Happy quilting!



  1. Hi seems like your settling in takes time but you'll get there happy quilting.

  2. I think your mojo is back!! Your wholecloth quilting is amazing! Thats a perfect tray for your sewing things. You can't let that view go to waste. Do you find the NSW weather makes things grow faster? Such a cute photo of Little Chino.

  3. Yes I think your mojo is back, you are way more productive than me Dee :) my garden has dried out and I think my sewjo has too.


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