Wednesday, 3 February 2016


My last post mentioned the "weed patch"

Things have since moved along. The patch was stripped, compost added with some blood and bone.

Spring onions, and below the carrots!

I planted three varieties of lettuce, tomato plants, lemon grass, sage, chives and sowed rainbow carrots seeds, Vietnamese basil, spring onions. Unsuccessful sowing! Better get back to sewing!!!

I claim no credit for these tomatoes! They came up by themselves next to the front door.


This kookaburra looks like an antelope!

We are enjoying the birds too. We have installed a rather large bird feeder (taller than I am!) and a birdbath. Gradually the birds are using the bath, but few attend the feeder. We were delighted this morning to see king parrots in the garden. So beautiful!

Now to sewing! I went onto Amazon a couple of weeks ago to look for Sister Sampler Quilts by AnneMarie Chany. Well on special "buy all three and get free postage" deal. So I ordered Sister Sampler, All in a Row and The Farmers Wife by Laurie Aaron Hird. Of course I got the receipt for $101.00. Shock horror! Obviously small text somewhere saying "USA only". Tried to cancel the order, too late! Phone option was unavailable!! Talk about spitting chips! Well the books have arrived and I'm very pleased with them and with my error.


Today I tracked down the location the nearest HQ Sweet Sixteen dealership! I'll be getting their newsletter and details of Narelle's S16 lessons! I'm so excited. Port Mcquarrie is only 100kms away!

Love from paradise!!



  1. You have been busy! Build it and they will come - I'm sure the birds will visit your feeder given time. Remember its covered so not obvious unless they enter it but word will get around. My husband would be very jealous of king parrots in the backyard!

  2. As Sue said it will take time for the birds to use the feeder, one advantage with it being high is that cats won't be able to get to it. You could put some seeds on the thatch roof of the feeder (although you might end up with sunflowers growing from it) and the birds might see them and investigate further.

    Tomatoes look lovely, the best ones are volunteer plants.

  3. Isn't it great watching the garden grow! We've got suprise tomatoes that spung up by our front door too. They're going crazy and I've been making heaps of tomato pasta sauces to use them up.
    The US postage thing can be shock. It's happened to me too, but then I think you forget once your goodies arrive and you see how wonderful they are.


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