Friday, 25 December 2015

Veg patch

I'm excited too see the weed patch! It has a little mint that will come out and go into a pot. I've cut most of the old woody Rosemary right back, but it will be replaced. A lot of weeds have been pulled out but more to go.

A cherry tomato plant is doing fairly well.


A juvenile wagtail joined me out there. Had to take great care not to step on him. He was all round my feet grabbing any insects I disturbed! Then he hopped on my shoulder for a few seconds. I loved his company!

After my finger burning episode, it will take longer than planned to turn the weed patch into a veg patch!

I moved a pan we had decided was too small, picked it up in my left hand and put my finders of my right hand under to support it! I did not know it was hot. Iced water soak for about 15 minutes, and my assessment was a visit to the hospital was the go! Second and some third degree burns.

Mr Quilting will need to get his head around pushing the buttons of the thermomix!!


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