Friday, 25 December 2015

Veg patch

I'm excited too see the weed patch! It has a little mint that will come out and go into a pot. I've cut most of the old woody Rosemary right back, but it will be replaced. A lot of weeds have been pulled out but more to go.

A cherry tomato plant is doing fairly well.


A juvenile wagtail joined me out there. Had to take great care not to step on him. He was all round my feet grabbing any insects I disturbed! Then he hopped on my shoulder for a few seconds. I loved his company!

After my finger burning episode, it will take longer than planned to turn the weed patch into a veg patch!

I moved a pan we had decided was too small, picked it up in my left hand and put my finders of my right hand under to support it! I did not know it was hot. Iced water soak for about 15 minutes, and my assessment was a visit to the hospital was the go! Second and some third degree burns.

Mr Quilting will need to get his head around pushing the buttons of the thermomix!!


Friday, 18 December 2015

Fresh beginnings

Just found a blog that I wrote prior to moving but didn't post!

We are loving our spot! We keep pinching ourselves! How can we be so lucky? BUT....we miss our family. Xmas will be strange without most of the family. I'll miss the boys excitement. Leigh Anne will be with us though.

Lindi, Kym and boys are visiting in January. Can't wait!

Cycads along the driveway.

Love this view from the sitting room.


Upstairs to my sewing room....


Angelica's spot - perfect for the teenager.


Some threads and some Lucy Boston! I was happy to find these blocks when I unpacked. I'd put the LB templates and fabric aside to take in the car. The packers did what packers do. All vanished into one of the thousands of boxes!!

My super piece of Sheila! Thanks Sheila! Just love it!

Chino and Toti at the front door waiting to be taken for walkies!

A lovely deck out the back. Often have a BBQ or breakfast out here. We live the the trees and tree ferns.

I need to get into serious sewing! So many half done projects! Attention mostly to Lucy lately. A few boxes waiting to be unpacked, Xmas stuff to do.

Have a great Christmas or holiday break. Enjoy!!


Relocation or is dislocation?




Too many to post all the photographs. Way too many boxes piled all over the house.

Pot plants given to family!

New home!!




Goodbye to Hedonist and this view.




Hi to the beach!




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