Friday, 1 July 2016

Quilting at last!

Quilting mojo or sewjo have been awol the past few months. Thanks to friends sewjo is making a gradual comeback! Yay! Sheila set me a challenge! I did start, but abandoned the mess! Oh dear practice is required +++

Chris at Serendipitousquilting is also a great inspiration!

A group of friends (all refugees from the cold southern states) stitch once a week. We are all doing paper piecing projects. Great fun over cups of tea and lots of laughter. A glass or two finishes off the day on a high note.

POTC is progressing as blocks get sorted and added to the wall. Green masking tape to number the block position adds a splash of colour.

Dreadful photo! The light is not good now, but you get the idea!



My floor cushion was great fun. A few new skills learned at a weekend workshop at Nesting Needles in Coffs Harbour. I do love Tula Pink!!


Sunrise this morning. A good place to be!

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  1. Lots of fun projects!! I love your floor cushion and your Lucy Boston blocks are beautiful!! You've made so many!

  2. Yes, your Lucy Boston quilt is gorgeous, Dee. And thank you for the blog heads up! xx

  3. glad to see i still have influence over you, even though you left us for warmer climes:-) Seriously though, i am pleased you are finding your sewing Mojo and love that you did the challenge. My challenge is still a work in progress, i'll post a pic soon. I too have picked up my Lucy Boston blocks again, i am very worried i may not have enough of my background fabric and must either make it smaller or rethink the final round. Missing you but glad you are happy with your lifechange

  4. Beautiful sunrise! Lucy Boston is awesome!


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