Sunday, 16 March 2014


I am making an effort this year to complete some UFO's. When I start a new quilt I work madly till all hours to get it made. But when I get stuck and cannot work out how to progress or achieve my vision I STOP!!


I wanted to tie these together, had an idea, but no idea how to do it!

After looking at it on my wall for days whilst I work on other things I decided just to do it!

I am really happy with the progress! Great to retrieve something from the too hard basket!




Had to appliqué each individually as I made them to ensure correct placement.

Another handy tool I used is a blue bendy ruler/thing!

I've had great fun!

When this is done and quilted a new one starts (fabric pull shown in a previous blog!)

Happy quilting all.


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  1. That looks great Dee, the blue triangles help to lead the eye round the quilt.


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