Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Stitching Tuesday.

Homework today for our Mallee Tree foundation piecing block. Thanks Carolyn for the template. I may make a few more to incorporate into a quilt!


Another session of sewing this afternoon. Sashing added to this quilt. I'm not usually a sashing person, but this quilt seemed to be calling for it. The blocks are put together 'log cabin' style! I do like the wonky look. The black square is in the centre of each block.


Now a search of the stash is called for. May just find an appropriate backing fabric. Otherwise I'll be back to my LQS Mallee Tree.



  1. Looks good, at first I was unsure about the yellow, but I like it now, just enough to make it pop. Love your basket collection too :)

  2. Oh I nearly missed this post. I love the black sashing, that top has a really wonderful crisp look to it. The heart block is a beauty too!!


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