Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses.

Angelica and Nina have been zooming away at a great pace. Nina has been ditch stitching two quilts while Angelica is into the FMQ on both quilts. I have been on a big steep learning curve.

Today Nina and I ditch stitched a third quilt. Now it's time for Angelica on her third quilt.

But.........I have discovered more joy! Lucy Boston and FB's Fussy Cutters Club.

What's not to love? My little kit sits on the bedside table at night waiting...... Early Morning cup of tea, and I'm happily stitching between sips. Bliss!



  1. I can see how these blocks would be addictive. Might have to put these on the list for my next hand stitched project when I've finished my current one (sometime in the next 5 years!). Lovely blocks!

  2. I love Lucy Boston quilts and can definitely see how they would be addictive!! Your blocks look wonderful!!

  3. sounds like a busy household, can't wait to see the product of your labours. Your POTC is coming along nicely, i find it takes more time to select the fabric combo's for each block than it does to stitch them up.


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