Sunday, 13 April 2014


Picked up the boys (grandies) from school a few days ago. Decided to get lunch on Semaphore Rd. Hat dogs for the boys and a trip further down the road to the Semaphore Bakehouse for a quiche each for Pete and me.

I was tol there was only one hot one, so said a would take a hot and a cold. Paid and drove home to North Haven. This was the shock! I cut them in half for the contrast in the photo. Ready?................


I was so mad, drove all the way back with my 'shock'

Not even an apology until I requested one!! So disappointed. The quiches are always good. This was hard as.... Dry and not edible!


To happier things and quilty fun! This is today's playing.

Soooo cute. Must make more! All smiles now!


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  1. I would have been mad too, that quiche looks as if it had been in the warmer for two days. Playing with fabric makes me happy too :)


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