Sunday, 14 June 2015

UFO off the to do list

Another UFO is no longer a UFO! This quilt has hung around as a top for a few years. I almost threw it out! I had this idea at the time I started it, that I would wind some pearl thread on a bobbin and couch the shape of an African thorn tree onto the quilt, sewing from the back of the quilt. I liked the concept but was not confident that it would work. I was concerned about not being able to see where I was sewing. Also thought the thread would not be heavy enough to have the desired effect.

A few nights ago I was thinking of UFOs waiting, when this quilt top came to mind. Suddenly I recalled that I had bought a couching set for Angelica my Sweet Sixteen! Having never used the couching set, it would be ideal to have a go. I would be able to see where I was sewing! I had started the quilt for Ben and it would be excellent to finish it for his birthday.


The photo doesn't show the effect of the tree outline, pulling the various blocks together, but I'm happy with it. A spare block was used for the label.

Recently found another couple of baskets to add to the collection.

The little one is very cute, and great for POTC bits. The tall one stands in the corner with various rolls.

Used green tomatoes to make some green tomato pickle this week. This is a first for me!

Now it's back to this whole cloth quilt with many wobbles!

Happy quilting!



  1. Congratulations on finishing a UFO. It was just waiting for the right moment. Fun baskets, and I bet your pickles are yummy.

  2. The couched tree is very effective, a great finish. I have never made green tomato relish either... but i have had it and loved it. The Unpicker ontop of your quilting looks a little ominous, hope you haven't had to employ it very much ..

  3. Do you want one of my UFO's to finish? Just joking :) it looks great, I'm still thinking on buying the couching feet, I think I would probably use them. Nice baskets, the tall one will be great for all those things that need that sort of storage.


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