Sunday, 13 September 2015


Blogging has not been foremost in my life lately!

In June we hitched up the caravan and headed for warmer weather. We were not lucky. Cold weather followed us to Sydney. We spent time with family in Sydney before embarking on a family cruise, with family from Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Durban South Africa. We had a great time! Still no warm weather in the pacific though!

On our return to Sydney we headed to Brisbane, stopping off for a day or two in our favourite places. In Nambucca we caught up with great friends. This is the way to live! Next morning we tagged along with them to a open inspection of a house close by.

Well, we loved the house! After much deliberation, we found ourselves the owners of a new house in Hyland Park, Nambucca Heads.

We didn't get to Brisbane, but headed back to the cold in Adelaide to put our house on the market.

And now we are exhausted! The house is painted, spartan, sparkling, and on the market.

Some before and after photos......





Photos of my life in my sewing room before June 2015


My sewing room now!!

This is the view from what will be my new sewing room balcony.

My local beach 10 minutes down the creek

I will post an update soon!



  1. Your new view looks sensational, I'm sure it will inspire your quilting, I can see you taking many walks along the beach.

    I do want to know how you have managed to keep your quilting gloves so clean, I've just finished quilting a mainly white quilt and mine are black, who knew fabric could be so dirty.

    Hope to catch up with you before your east coast exodus :)

  2. an amazing transformation in very short time. Maybe you could come and give my room a bit of the same treatment... My sewing room could do with emptying out and starting over. I wonder how much sewing you will get done, with that gorgeous view

  3. What a hideous view from your sewing room - not! That will be a lovely distraction when you look up from your gorgeous quilting. Having just finished a big move I hope it all goes well for yours, its exhausting but worth it in the end! I agree with Pip though, I was thinking how clean your gloves were too!

  4. That's such exciting news!! Good on you for seeing a dream and hopping on board. I hope your Adelaide house sells in a flash and you'll settled into your new sewing room soon.


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